Mini Past Life Reading


This is a three card reading

1) What is the main challenge /theme of your past lives?
2) How does this theme show up in your current life?
3) How can you learn and move forward from this lesson?

Each reading offers you insight into your present circumstances. Through an energetic connection to you, I will seek to answer your questions with truth and love. They may not be the answers you want to hear, but they will always be the answers you need to presently hear. Keep in mind that fate is always in play. Things can and may change based on your choices and the choices of others involved in your life.


You will get an email reading along with a photo of the cards you recieved. Please specify the email address where you would like your reading sent in the notes to the seller comments. Otherwise I will send it to the address attached to your PayPal account. Most readings  are completed within 24 hours of my initially contacting you, 48 hours at the latest.